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Ensalada Verde - Green Salad. 7.25

Ensalada de Camarones Con Mango al Grill - Grilled Mango shrimp salad w/mango dressing. 11.99

Calamari Frito - Fried calamari. 12.25

Pasteles de Cangrejo Caseros - Homemade crab cake. 11.99

Camarones Apanados - Breaded shrimps. 12.00


Caldo de Gallina Criolla - Hen soup .... 11.99

Caldo de Pata de Rez - Cow feet soup .... 12.50

Sopa de Mariscos - Seafood soup .... 15.50

Typical Latin Dishes/Platos Tipicos Latinos (Beef)

Carne a la Parrilla - Grilled Meat with French fries & Salad. $15.99

Churazco Ecuatoriano - Grilled steak w/rice, French fries, salad, egg, avocado. $16.50

Entrana al Grill - Skirt steak w/ sautéed potatoes & fresh asparagus. $19.50

Seco de Chivo - Goat stew w/yellow rice, salad, avocado, and sweet plantain. $15.99

Bandeja Paisa - Grilled steak served w/rice, beans, fried pork belly, avocado, arepa and a fried egg. $18.50

Lomo Saltado Ecuatoriano - Tender sliced beef w/onions, tomatoes, served with white rice. $16.25

Besteak Ensebollado - Grilled steak with onions and tomatoes, served w/rice, beans and sweet plantain $17.25

Picada Colombiana - Assorted grilled meat - chicken, pork, morsilla, casaba, plantain, and sausage.  $20.00

Guatita - Cow tripe stew w/yellow or white rice, salad avocado and sweet plantain. $15.25

Chaulafan Sautéed - rice w/meat, chicken, shrimp, pork, scrambled eggs, sweet plantains. $16.99

La Choza Rib Eye - 12 oz. rib eye with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. $22.00

Bandera Ecuatoriana - Goat stew - Cow Tripe - Shrimp Cocktail, served with yellow rice. $16.50

Carne Guisada - Beef stew served with white rice and fried sweet plantains. $15.75

Churrasco Argentino - Skirt steak served w/fresh herbs, sautéed potatoes, steamed broccoli & Chimichurri. $18.99

Milanesa - Tender breaded steak served with salad & sliced baked potatoes. Plain $13.50 / Napolitano $15.50

Pavellon - Slow cooked shredded skirt steak sautéed with veggies, served with white rice, black beans and sweet plantains. $17.50

Lomo Saltado Peruano - Tender slice steak with Peruvian yellow chilies, red onions and tomatoes, served with white rice and french fries. $16.99

Shrimp Mofongo - Shrimp Mofongo with garlic and lime sauce. $18.25

Ropa Vieja - Shredded steak sautéed with onion, bell peppers. Served with white rice, black beans and fried sweet plantain. $17.50

Pepian Guatemalteco -  de Pollo o Carne Stewed chicken or beef, with white rice.. Chicken $16.25 / Beef $17.25

Carne Asada Estilo Guatemalteco - Guatemalteco style. Served with white rice and tender grains, in a light homemade mayosauce, with refried black beans and a grilled green chili jalapeno. $17.00


Chuleta de Cerdo Frita - Pork Chops served with rice, salad, beans and sweet plantains. $15.85

Sancocho Ecuatoriano - Deep fried pork w/white rice, potato patty, white cooked corn, lettuce & fried egg. $13.00

Ornado - Ecuatoriano Baked Pork w/potato patty, white cooked corn and lettuce. $14.99

BBQ Ribs - Served with French fries, and green salad. $14.00

Chuleta Can Can - Pork chop served with white rice, French fries, sweet plantains. $18.00


Pollo a la Brasa Opcional - Served w/Rice or French Fries and Salad. (1/4 $9.00 ..... 1/2 $11.50)

Pollo Apanado - Tender Breaded Chicken Breast w/ Rice Beans and Salad. $14.25

 Pechuga al Grill - Tender Grilled Chicken Breast w/ white Rice, Beans and Salad. $13.75

Pollo a la Parmesana - Chicken Parmesan served on linguini pasta. $15.25

Pechuga de Pollo Relleno -  Chicken breast roulade stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and cheese, served with Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Asparagus. $16.25


Mojarra Frita - Fried Mojarra w/ Rice, Green Salad & Plantains. $17.25

Tilapia Frita - Fried Tilapia w/ Rice, Green Salad & Plantains. $18.25

Salmon al Grill - Grilled Salmon w/Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Fresh Asparagus. $18.50

Ceviche de Camarones - Shrimp Cocktail w/ Plantain chips and toasted corn. $13.25

Ceviche Mixto - Mixed seafood cocktail. Served with plantains chips and toasted corn. $16.99

Ensevollado de Pescado - Fish Stew served with plantain chips and toasted corn. $14.99

Camarone Al Ajillo - Jumbo sautéed shrimp in a garlic, butter and white wine sauce served with tostones. $15.50

Filet de Pescado - Fish steak served with sautéed potatoes and steamed vegies. $15.50


Penne a la Vodka - Penne Pasta with pink sauce, option Shrimp/Chicken.  Chicken $14.00 / Shrimp $16.25

Linguine Meatballs - Linguine Pasta with meatballs in marinara sauce. $13.00

Seafood Linguini - Mixed seafood in a homemade marinara sauce. $16.50

Pasta Primavera - Primavera mixed veggies, in a light cream white wine sauce. $13.00

Lobster Ravioli - Ravioli stuffed with fresh lobster in a pink sauce. $17.25

Side Orders/Ordenes Extras

3 Empanadas (Pollo o Carne) - 3 Patties (Chicken/Beef). $7.00

Tostones - Fried Plantains. $5.50

Maduros Fritos - Fried Sweet Plantains. $4.50

3 Tamales (Pollo o Carne) - 3 Tamales (Chicken/Beef). $7.00

Frijoles - Beans. $5.00

Yucca Frita - Fried Casaba. $5.75

Arroz Blanco - White Rice. $5.00

Arroz Amarillo - Yellow Rice. $5.25

Papas Fritas - French Fries. $4.50


Tacos de Carnitas .- Three pork tacos with onions, cilantro, lime, radish & diablo sauce. $10.75

Tacos al Carbon - Three grilled steak and chorizo tacos served with onions, cilantro, radish and diablo sauce. $10.50

Tacos de Asada - Three grilled steak tacos served with onions, cilantro, radish, lime, and diablo sauce. $10.99

Tacos al Pastor - Three pineapple marinated pork tacos served with cilantro, onions, lime, radish, and diablo sauce. $11.50

Tacos Salad Fajitas - Your choice of chicken or steak mixed with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, served with lettuce, cheese, sour cream and guacamole. $13.50

Tacos de Lengua - Three homemade marinated beef tongue tacos, served with onions, cilantro, radish and mild sauce. $12.25

Tacos de Chorizo - Three grilled chorizo tacos served with onions, cilantro, lime and mild sauce. $11.25

Tacos de Camaron - Three grilled shrimp and mango tacos served with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. $13.50

Tacos de Pescado - Three grilled tilapia tacos served with cheese, lettuce, and yellow or white rice. $12.99

Tacos de Pollo - Three grilled chicken tacos served with onions, cilantro, lime and diablo sauce. $10.25


La Choza Burrito Deluxe - Deluxe burrito stuffed with shrimp, sliced rib eye steak, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, melted cheese on top served with rice and beans. $16.99

Burrito Grande - Topped with burrito sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. $11.99

Burrito Supreme - Served with rice and beans, topped with cheese. $12.00

Burrito Fajitas Mix - Pork, Steak, or Chicken served with rice, beans and cheese dip. $13.25

Burrito Seafood - A burrito stuffed with tilapia, shrimp and crabmeat cooked with grilled onions, tomatoes, peppers, topped with cheese sauce. $15.25

Burrito Chipotle - Steak or Chicken with chipotle sauce, cooked with onions, topped with cheese sauce, lettuce, sour cream and tomatoes served with rice and beans. $12.25

Cheesesteak Burrito - Topped with cheese sauce. $13.50

Burrito Chorizo - Two burritos with sautéed potatoes, Mexican sausage and cheese dip on top. $11.50


Enchiladas Verdes or Rojas - Served with rice and beans. $11.50

Enchilada suizas - Three chicken enchiladas with cheese dip on top served with rice and beans. $11.50

Enchiladas Rancheras - Enchiladas with chicken, topped with mole ranchero sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. $11.50

Enchiladas Poblanas - Enchiladas with chicken, topped with Mole Poblano sauce, lettuce, tomato and sour cream. $12.25

Enchiladas Supremas - One chicken, one cheese, and one beef taco covered with enchilada sauce and topped with lettuce and sour cream. $12.50


All fajitas served w/rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream and three tortillas

Steak Fajitas - $15.50

Chicken Fajitas - $14.50

Camarones Fajitas - $15.99

La Choza Fajitas - Steak, Chicken, and Shrimp - $17.99

Mixed Fajitas - Chicken and Steak - $16.99


All garnished w/ lettuce guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo

Quesadilla de Pollo Asada - $10.99

Quesadilla de Carne Asada - $11.50

Quesadilla Mix Fajitas - $12.25

Shrimp Quesadilla - $13.25

Cheese Quesadilla - $10.50


#1 One Taco - Two Enchiladas w/ Salad and Rice. $10.25

#2 Two Tacos - one Enchilada w/ Salad and Rice. $11.00

#3 One Burrito - One Enchilada w/Rice and Beans. $11.75

#4 One Beef Burrito - One Taco - One Enchilada w/ Rice and Beans. $11.25

#5 One Beef Burrito - One Beef Enchilada - One Quesadilla w/ Rice and Beans. $11.75

Other Platters

Chilaquiles - Tortilla chips covered with homemade sauce, chicken and cheese served with rice lettuce and guacamole. $11.99

Chimichangas - Lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream cheese and guacamole. $12.99

Coctail de Camarones - Mexican style shrimp cocktail with tomatoes, avocado, cilantro and fresh jalapeno. $13.99

Parillada Mexicana - Shrimp, Mexican sausage, chicken, and beef with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers served with rice and beans, and guacamole. $16.50

Chile Relleno - Three stuffed chilies with chicken or beef, on a red sauce and topped with white cheese sauce. $12.50

Chiles Rellenos de Camarone - Three stuffed chilies with shrimp with mole mango sauce topped with cheese sauce. $15.99

Bisteak ala Mexicana - Grilled Mexican style steak with onion, jalapeno and tomatoes served with rice and beans. $15.50

Arros Con Pollo - Grilled sliced chicken topped with cheese, served with yellow or white rice. $13.50

Pollo Al Grill - Tender chicken breast with grilled sliced pineapple served with rice and salad. $12.99

Chori Pollo - Grilled chicken breast with sautéed Mexican sauce, mushrooms, onions, served with rice, beans, topped with cheese sauce. $13.25

Nachos - Chicken, Beef or Cheese. $11.50

Burgers / Sandwiches

Hamburger - w/ Fries - Lettuce -Tomatoes. $8.00

Cheese Burger - w/ Fries - Lettuce - Tomatoes. $8.50

Beef Sandwich - w/ Fries - Lettuce - Tomatoes. $9.50

Roasted Chicken Sandwich - w/ Fries - Lettuce - Tomatoes. $8.00

Kids Menu / Niños

Papi Pollo - Chicken & French Fries. $8.00

Dedo de Pollo - Chicken Fingers & French Fries. $8.00

Salchi Papas - Sausage & French Fries. $8.50

Baby BBQ Ribs - Ribs with French Fries. $8.50

Chicken Nuggets - with French Fries. $8.50

Batidos Y Bebidas/Shakes & Drinks

We are a BYOB. Please also see our beverage offering below.

Papaya - $4.00

Guava - $4.00

Mango - $4.00

Guanabana - Soursop. $4.00

Maracuya - Passion Fruit. $5.00

Tomate De Arbol/Tree Tomato - $4.00

Mora - Blackberry - $4.50

Water - $2.00

Fresa - Strawberry. $4.00

Sodas -$2.00

Lulo - $4.00

Chicha - Homemade soda. $4.00